ZNEN Establishes New Production Line
2023.06.19 Enterprise Dynamics

In the first half of 2020, under the shadow of COVID-19, the global economic situation has been sluggish. This is a head-on blow for export-oriented companies. Since the company resumed work at the end of February, it has overcome numerous difficulties, tapped its internal potential, sought benefits from management and technology, and sought development through innovation. From the top managers of the company to the workshop employees, people all work hard and take own responsibilities to overcome the crisis  together.

"Nurturing new opportunities in the crisis, and creating a new situation   in the changing situation." We boldly met the challenge and seized the opportunity in the epidemic in time according to the changes in the situation, The company gradually turned on the right track. Under the severe situation of almost complete suspension of production due to the COVID-19 in February, the export sales of ZNEN in the first half of the year increased by 3.9% year-on-year, achieving a gratifying trend of both production and sales. In order to solve the problems of order backlog and long delivery cycle, the company decides to set up a new production line to increase production capacity and expand exports.

Behind the precious achievements are the unremitting efforts of Zhongneng people. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 during the Spring Festival, foreign trade sales staff proactively initiated online work as soon as possible, and have been in close contact with foreign customers, followed up in time, and actively took orders. When the domestic epidemic situation stabilized and the epidemic in European and American broke out, they even thought about what customers thought and what they were anxious, paid attention to the changes in the local epidemic situation, and served customers with all their heart. Because of the time difference, they often chatted with customers and checked emails in the middle of the night. Their rigorous and conscientious efforts were eventually paid off: When the epidemic situation improved slightly, orders from European and American customers came in one after another, like spring flowers blooming, melting the winter ice.

In the face of intensified competition for low-end products in China's domestic market and the overall shrinking market size, the company's domestic sales took precautions, starting the transformation of products from low-end popularization to high-end differentiation from the second half of 2019. In the first half of this year, despite the impact of the epidemic, it continued to promote product upgrade strategy. Through the promotion of the "MOTOWIN" brand, it successfully shaped the celebrity car "Veracruz". Over the past few months, the sales volume of "MOTOWIN" has grown steadily, and the products strategy of ZNEN has successfully transformed in the domestic market.

At present, due to too many orders, the product delivery cycle is continuously extended, and customers both in domestic and foreign are very anxious. The sales department coordinates comprehensively, and the purchasing department works hard to cooperate, the production management personnel and front-line employees are working overtime for the highest production capacity, try their best to complete the production tasks and deliver as soon as possible. As a result of the mobilization of the whole company, all people mind to one place and strength to one place, only in this way can the company has a good situation of inspiring people.   

 “Only when you believe in your heart can you go far.” Zhongneng people have always been firm in their beliefs, focusing on their main business, focusing on technology R&D and human resource investment, daring to take risks, promoting technological innovation, being strict with management of details, expanding international horizons, so the quality of products has been improved steadily, winning trust of customers with reputation and continuing to develop domestic and international market. It is believed that the launch of the new production line will definitely increase production and expand sales which promote the company's development into the fast lane.

"Thousands of grinding and ten thousand blows are still strong. Let the wind run east, West, North and south." This poem is about the fearless spirit of bamboos, written by Zheng Banqiao, a poet of the Qing Dynasty, who wrote about bamboo "sticking to the green mountain and not relaxing" he green mountains and not relaxing". Facing the future, Zhongneng people, just like the green bamboo of mountains, are fearless, tenacious and optimistic. On the one hand, we are innovating boldly to improve the corporate governance structure; on the other hand, we are forging ahead to enter the field of high-end products.

On the long march of the new era, we use time to deposit wisdom, and use ingenuity to polish quality, we will not be afraid of challenges and strive for self-improvement. We will use the opportunity to develop, based in domestic matket and looking at the world, overcome risks and challenges, achieve high-quality development. We believe that we will create a new and vigorous situation of Zhongneng Vehicle Group.